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Programme for Vocational Training and Production Palliri, a tool for the labour market integration, targeted to women and young people in high social exclusión risk in City El Alto – Bolivia

Partners, UE: Comunidad Autónoma de la Región de Murcia; Ayuntamiento de Murcia, (Local Authority); Caritas Región de Murcia, (NGO), Cáritas Española, (NGO), Ayuntamiento de Cartagena, (Local Authority), Spain

Partner, developing country: Fundación Palliri, NGO, El Alto de Bolivia, Bolivia

Objectives: To improve the employability of youth and women in the border area south of the city of El Alto, District 2 - Bolivia.

Specific Objectives
1. Improved professional training in the industrial textile field for young people and women with serious social problems, in the southern outskirts of the city of El Alto, Bolivia.

2. Improved sustainability and self-financing of various educational programs developed Palliri Foundation in the city of El Alto, Bolivia.

Period of reference: The programme starts in 2008 and continues during 2012







Autonomous Community of Region of Murcia

68 400

168 057 €

59 000 €


Technical cooperation

Murcia City Council

Advice and Technical cooperation

Cáritas Murcia

18 555 €

56 239 €

15 500 €

Cáritas Spain



173 000 €

Cartagena Municipality

43 871 €


33 280 €



Number of beneficiaries
The target groups of the project are direct beneficiaries of the training program: 460 adults between 18 and 35 years old (250 women and 210 men) Direct beneficiaries of educational programs: 520 children between 0 and 18 years (270 girls and 250 boys) 400 adults (290 women and 110 men)
Indirect beneficiaries: 1500 children and young people

Main actors: Bolivia, La Paz, El Alto, Achocalla
El Alto, with more than 40% of urban sprawl has been building since the 40s with immigrants from rural areas that exceed the capacity of government capital, La Paz, located in the valley, had to settle in this plain-suburb became a city in March 1985. It currently has some 800,000 registered inhabitants and 10 districts. Today 65.3% of the population is placed under the poverty line, but the resources to address are limited.
Palliri Foundation has focused its area of action in the district 2 of El Alto which has approximately 107,919 people Achocalla Township, on the other hand, is predominantly Indian - rural, with a high degree of dispersion and where the poverty of the population reaches an alarming 99%.
El Alto has been to concentrate 30% of the population and 27% of the workforce in Bolivia. This urban pressure generates highly critical impact on the precariousness of employment contracts of the workforce by creating a precarious labor market, wage-based unstable and speculative with enormous inequalities of gender equity. Standards of living in El Alto, described that 59% of the population are poor and 24.4% live in extreme poverty.
The pressure on the labor supply due to the high population growth, resulted in an unstable job market where wages tend to be speculative and generally very low and where informality is growing at a rapid pace, so can say that the main impact has been the increase in underemployment, unemployment and social protection.
Bolivia is the most unequal country in Latin America, and El Alto and specifically the area south limit is not only a paradigm of this same reality. Within this context of great differences and extreme inequalities, issues affecting men and women is very different, as well as the specific needs of each of these groups.

The implementation of the program helps to foster new economic initiatives within our sector of activity, while also strengthen the whole process takes place within the training program and job training. The project is highly productive in nature, with two purposes: First, to incorporate all / as those / as men and women who are in the workplace, and provide a source of revenue from the moment they begin their training
Second, go looking for self-financing and sustainability of the projects that are developing and creating within palliri: (i) Learning Resource Center and Integral Education palliri, (ii) Integral Education Center Las Delicias (iii) Antawara Childhood Education Center (iv) School parents (v) Environmental protection program for communities in the border area south of the city of El Alto and the Valley of Achocalla.

Among the main activities of the project are (i) Construction work areas to productive workshops (ii) Equipment and installation of textile sweatshops Training Center palliri (iii) Structuring and planning workshops for two lines of work: training and production (iv) conclude the training process (v) contact potential employers interested in purchasing our products (vi) sales of products made it possible to obtain self-financing resources for the program (vii) processes evaluation and improvement established for the next cycle (viii) dissemination of the projec.

Phone number: +34 968362662

Email address:

Postal Address: Avenida de la Fama nº3, 30.071 Murcia, Spain

Contact person: C. Durán Torres-Fontes, A. García-Nieto Gómez-Guillamón

Phone number: +34 968239962
Postal Address: Glorieta de España 1, 30.004 Murcia, Spain
Contact person: Jose Andrés Olmos Castelo

Phone number: +34 968211186
Postal Address: c/Isabel la Católica, 7bajo, 30.003, Murcia, Spain
Email address:
Contact person: José Luis Leante Sánchez

Phone number: +34914441311
Postal Address: C/ San Bernardo, 99 Bis, 28015 Madrid - Spain
Email address:
Contact person: Eva Mª Cruz Aranda

Phone number: +34968128800
Postal Address: C/ San Miguel, 8. 30201 Cartagena (Murcia) Spain
Email address:
Contact person: Mª José García

Phone number: 591 22809089 - 591 72581003
Postal Address: Casilla 1537- La Paz, Bolivia
Address: Calle Héroes del Acre N°2024 -Villa Bolívar Michme. El Alto, La Paz, Bolivia
Email address:
Contact person: Cristobal Gil

Total resources (€):

Amount, financing terms, other means, including possible EU support.
Funding for the various phases of the programme has been as follows:


Year Autonomous Community of Region of Murcia Murcia City Council Cáritas Murcia Cáritas Spain Cartagena Municipality
2008 68,400.00 Advice and technical cooperation 18,554.99 43,870.78
2009 168,057.00 Advice and technical cooperation 56,238.51
2010 59,000.00 Advice and technical cooperation 15,500.00 173,000.00 33,280.00





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