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Globalisation of the Covenant of Mayors

In 2008 and the European plan on climate change endorsement, the UE adopted measures to fight against climate change. Focusing on emissions cuts, renewables and energy efficiency; the package agreed to implement the 20-20-20 targets: by 2020, reduce by 20% the emissions of greenhouse gases, increase by 20% the energy efficiency in the EU and to reach 20% of renewables in total energy consumption in the EU.

The Covenant of Mayors launched in January 2009, is the mainstream European movement involving local and regional authorities in the fight against climate change. It is based on a voluntary commitment by signatories to meet and exceed the EU 20% CO2 reduction objective through increased energy efficiency and development of renewable energy sources.

While the Covenant of mayors is a major initiative, fight against climate change is a global challenge whose solution will depend on our stepping beyond national and/or European frontiers and coming together for this public good. The Globalisation of Covenant of Mayors' seminar, co-organised by the European commission and the European Committee of the Regions during the Paris 21st Conference of the Parties of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP21 UNFCCC) aims to discuss how the success of the Covenant of Mayors initiative could be amplified worldwide and put into practice in other world regional contexts.

Speakers include High-level representatives from different part of the globe, such as the the Mayor of Durban the President of Senegal, the EC Commissioner for Climate Action & Energy and the CoR President. For more information click here

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