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Decentralised Cooperation at the European Development Days
​The European Portal of Decentralised Cooperation held a P-Lab session at the European Development days in Brussels Belgium. Chaired by Luc Van den Brande, the P-lab on the European Portal for Decentralised Cooperation provided an excellent introduction to the tool which serves as the main entry point for cooperation carried out by LRAs and exists to support the development work they undertake across the globe.
The session introduced the wide array of tools the Portal offers and showed how they can best be used to support current and future development undertakings. Jacques Perrot provided a detailed overview of the workings of the portal as well as the context behind its inception. He explained the portal as a strategic tool that has the full support of the European Commission. He continued, stating that the the role LRAs play in development would be part of the focus of the Commission's next multi annual framework.
The speakers underlined how the Portal facilitates the exchange of information between actors and promotes new partnerships among LRAs; thereby increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of development aid. The presentations also provided examples of how the portal can help bring together partners and find funding opportunities for projects. Past success stories were also showcased.
The session ended with a Q&A from the audience where interested parties were able to ask for more information concerning topics such as data protection, eligibility for membership and future plans.
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