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GODEM - Optimised Management of Waste in the Mediterranean

Partners, developing country:

  • Al Fayhaa Urban Community – Tripoli (Lebanon)
  • Region and City of Rabat (Morocco)
  • Municipalities of Sousse, Mahdia and Djerba (Tunisia)


The project is aimed at settling a network for the exchange of information and experiences between European local/regional authorities and institutions of the southern Mediterranean on the sustainable management of waste treatment.
GODEM (Optimised Management of Waste in the Mediterranean) will improve the reciprocal understanding and enduring cooperation between local actors and partner States of the Mediterranean through an innovative programme for developing local and regional government skills.
In view of satisfying specific needs, the creation of 4 pilot projects is foreseen to:

  • Improve waste reduction
  • improve the already existing informal selective waste mince chain
  • create a municipal centre for waste collection to improve the existing recycle chains
  • reduce waste generated by tourism infrastructure

The specific objectives are:

  1. to elaborate and enforce projects for integrated waste management between local and regional authorities;
  2. To improve local and regional authorities skills in integrated waste management;
  3. To disseminate the 4 projects’ outcomes in the whole Mediterranean basin with a view to improving the cooperation between the concerned actors;
  4. To identify possible financing resources and create an appropriate funding file. 

Period of reference: 

02/2010 - 01/2012

Totat resources:

Total Budget: 692,979 € ; EU Contribution: 492,000 €

Number of beneficiaries:

The targeted projects are:

  • composting activities in Tripoli - Lebanon,
  • improved informal sector organization in Rabat - Morocco,
  • a municipal civic amenity center in Sousse - Tunisia, and
  • sustainable waste management in the hotel sector in Mahdia, Djerba - Tunisia.


Achieving sustainable and optimal urban waste management is becoming a necessity for the Southern Mediterranean area. The improvement in quality of life is determined by a changing habits, influencing the quantity and the composition of domestic waste.
Therefore an action to minimize waste production and promote differentiated waste collection and recycling is necessary.

Outline description of the project, programme, strategy or instrument:

Not only does the average person in the EU produce twice as much waste as their southern neighbours, but in the south almost twice as much of the waste produced is organic. In general, however, on both sides of the Mediterranean, the quantity and changing composition of waste is making it urgent to find sustainable methods of waste disposal. Of particular concern in the South is the fact that waste is mainly thrown away in an uncontrolled manner, with only 5% being recycled.

The GODEM project for the optimization of waste disposal management aims to help address this issue by putting in place a permanent network for the exchange of information and experience on sustainable waste management between European and South Mediterranean local and regional authorities. It will also enhance the capacities of local partners to develop concrete waste management projects.

The project will be implemented in a total of five municipalities at different stages in their efforts to develop waste management projects. Some will have to begin with a diagnosis of their situations, while others are likely to achieve project implementation. The projects they are looking to implement in the different countries are also different in nature, ranging from composting, and waste recycling, to projects suited to the hotel complexes. This will therefore result in a range of useful models and experiences for others to learn from.

Activities, (expected) results and prospects:


- feasibility study for the establishment of a compost centre and a monitoring system of waste collection
- organization of the mince informal chain
- creation of a centre for the collection of recyclable waste
- evaluation and action plan for the hotel waste management and the sustainable management of tourism
- introduction of the concept of integrated waste management, included the role of all the actors concerned
- implementation of the integrated waste management
- evaluation in terms of CO2
- create an action plan and a preliminary budget
- organization of logistic and infrastructures
- development of the ACR+ Network in association with the Waste working group of Med cites
-organization of 4 regional conferences focused on waste management
- creation of a guide for the optimization of waste management in the Mediterranean
- organization of an international conference
- identify potential financial actors
- study the forms to be completed for funding requests
- identify the most appropriate institution to whom ask for funding
- prepare and submit the forms

The project has specific outcomes including concrete municipal projects that will be put in place using an integrated and participative approach.

Results: the GODEM project had two main results:

  • firstly design, plan and implement 4 small scale, concrete, locally integrated waste management projects (design and set up of a container parc in Sousse, set up a complaint center and design a composting plant in Al Fayhaa, organise the informal sector in Rabat and contribute to the greening of the hotel sector in Djerba and Mahdia)
  • secondly develop a European - Mediterranean network on integrated sustainable waste and resource management, named ACR+MED, targeting local and regional authorities and other actors.

Prospects: the final international conference of the project aimed at bringing together as many as possible local and regional authorities and other actors in order to launch the new network ACR+MED and discuss the orientations and activities of the network for the next years.

Contacts for additional information:


Contact: Capital Region of Brussels / ACR+, Barbara DEWULF

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