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Atlas of decentralised cooperation
The Atlas of Decentralised Cooperation for development is a joint initiative proposed by the Committee of the Regions and the European Commission to increase and share information on cooperation for development of European Union's Local and Regional Authorities (LRA).

By doing so, the Atlas provides the main facts and figures on development activities carried out or financed by the European Union's Local and Regional authorities (LRA). It brings these declarations together through interactive maps showing clearly who is doing what and where. All partners involved in development cooperation, from developed and developing countries have a new tool enabling them to take better informed decisions before embarking on new cooperation activities.

This contributes to increase cooperation for development efficiency and effectiveness. Part of a larger interactive website aiming to foster, support and make more effective the decentralised cooperation activities of Local and Regional Authorities (LRA), the Atlas notably includes a mechanism to collect data on EU LRA cooperation for development. It is fundamentally based on EU LRA self tele-declaration process.

Each icon below gives access to a specific view of the cooperation for development of European Union LRA. Depending on needs, it is allowed to make a multi-criteria selection based on year, type of indicators, sector, EU member state and developing country partner. This allows for both the possibility to get a global overview as well as to concentrate on more precise aspects for a certain country or region.

For registered users, the query allows to extract more detailed information from the Atlas database.



EU Trends
Geographical distribution of EU LRA Cooperation for development by EU Member states and by LRA<

World Trends
Geographical distribution of EU LRA cooperation for development among developing countries.





Precise implementing location and summary of each EU LRA cooperation activity.

Select and extract information directly from the Atlas database