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The European Commission Communication entiled: "Local Authorities: Actors for Development"  published on 8 October 2008, was the first EU reference document dedicated to highlighting the role, place and importance of local and regional authorities (LRA) in EU development policy. In the communication, supported by the Committee of the Regions' opinion adopted in April 2009, the European Commission recognised that local and regional authorities bring a unique added-value to development processes. In addition to concrete actions in developing countries, LRA have a key role in mobilising different stakeholders to work together, thus generating collaborative approaches to attaining common development goals. Read more


 Cooperation of the month

OCO/URB-AL III, promoting social cohesion in Latin America
Partner(s), UE:            Diputació de Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain (leader institution)          FIIAPP, Madrid, Spain          Tuscany Region, Italy          OICS (Interregional Observatory for Development Cooperation), Italy         Partner(s), developing country:          Province of ... ->>>




 Activities and News

Conference: Cross-border cooperation, regional integration lever
                                                                    Territorial Authorities Councilof the West African Economic and Monetary Unionwith the support of the Committee of the Regions is organizing a Conference on Cross-border cooperation, regional integration lever  March 31, 2014 ... ->>>
EDD 2013 PLabs Territorial approach to post 2015, 27 November 2013
​Diputacio de Barcelona, the UNDP and the CoR are proposing two P-Labs during the European Development Days 2013. They will be organized on Wednesday, November 27th, 2013 from 11h15.  Dealing with the Territorial approach in post-2015, the P-labs objectives are on the one side to offer a political v ... ->>>
International peace symposium
The Government of Flanders is organizing an international peace symposium in Brussels on Monday, November 4th, 2013.  The symposium will bring together Nobel Peace Prize winners, politicians, scientists and practitioners. The intended outcome of the event is to place the contribution of science as a ... ->>>